SARAYAA stands uniquely as a women's clothing brand. It is a sophisticated and multi-ethnic brand with a unique African signature. The brand has been created for the elegant woman and her appreciation of fashion and devotion to looking unique all the time. It is wearable by every woman every day. SARAYAA clothes aims to make a bold statement by fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary bold designs. It is a high-end fashion brand with a global appeal. SARAYAA Clothes are feminine, totally unique and one of a kind. The brand seeks for rarity, exceptional appeal, authenticity and exclusivity. As such, SARAYAA clothes are limited-run pieces. It is affordable luxury at its best. SARAYAA clothing is made of rare, finest and hard-to-find fabrics including hand-woven cloth, indigo, wax, silk and much more from diverse parts of Africa and the world. SARAYAA collections include casual, formal and evening dresses, tops, skirts, pants and jackets. SARAYAA carries timeless pieces and uses traditional African fabrics with exclusive limited prints that are refreshingly modern. Beautiful African prints and hand-woven cloths are mixed with modern fabrics. The combinations result in a totally unique edge. The founder and designer of SARAYAA loves original association and likes to permanently challenges trends. SARAYAA aspires to establish itself as an international label. The garments are produced in Senegal by highly skilled local tailors and seamstresses.


SARAYAA aspires to preserve and showcase the wonderful art of African textiles, especially hand-woven textile which dates back from the 6th century but which is unfortunately fast disappearing because of industrialization. Today, many museums have been collecting hand woven fabrics because they expect the tradition to die soon. SARAYAA desires to give back to her community. The brand takes pride in making its production in Senegal and source its fabrics from local weavers and traders thus encouraging local trade and employment and the preservation of an invaluable know-how. SARAYAA is determined to preserve and revive the centuries-old African tradition of hand-weaving! We plan to do this by ensuring weavers fair trade.


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